I began working on the Squamish map while working with TerrraPro back in 1998, making it my longest-running, published map. With the then growing popularity of the mountain bike race, Squamish was in the early days of firmly establishing its place on the map as significant trail destination. The Squamish map started out as bonus content on the other side of the already well-established Whistler map but soon became a standalone product that would eventually outsell the Whistler map by a ratio of 3:1.

I am grateful to have the (SORCA) as a map partner. SORCA currently handles all sales and distribution of the map.

Below: Front side of the Squamish map.
bikepirate.com Bow Valley App

Below: Backside of the Squamish map.
bikepirate.com Kananaskis App

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