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TrailMapps Privacy Policy - Created on October 5th, 2018.

What personal information is required to use TrailMapps apps?

No personal information is required to use any of TrailMapps apps. TrailMapps mobile applications do not require accounts, sign-ins, or log-ins of any kind. You will not be asked to provide any personal information at any time in order to access any of the assets within any TrailMapps app.

TrailMapps does not have an email list and does not do any email marketing. The only time you might receive and email from TrailMapps is if it is in response to you directly contacting us with questions or feedback through our provided support URL ( In the event that you do contact us via email, no personal information that might be included in the correspondence is stored, shared, or sold to any third party services, organizations, or persons. Our communication will remain private, between us.

Use of Location-Based Services (Non-Personal Information)

TrailMapps mobile applications will request permission to access the Locations Services of your device. TrailMapps applications use this information to display your location on included maps (provided you are physically within the bounds of the area represented by the map you are viewing), to provide you with your location coordinates, and also to provide an in-app compass tool. Your location is not stored locally, or remotely, nor is it shared with any third party services, organizations, or persons.

Regardless of which option you choose to grant access (“While Using the App”, or “Always”) TrailMapps apps will not access your Location Services when the app is in the background. It will only access your Location Services when the app is being used and you toggle the GPS button to “GPS ON”. If you wish to deny access to Location Services and choose “Never”, your position on the maps will not be displayed and the compass tool will not function.

Links to External URLs

Within some of the information screens we provide in the mobile applications, we provide links to content on our app partner’s website(s), TrailMapps’ website, or third party websites that host useful information (e.g. information regarding local wildlife). When users click one of these URLs, the destination page will load within the device’s default web browser. There is no passthrough website and this activity is not logged, or tracked by TrailMapps.

Changes to TrailMapps’ Privacy Policy

The latest privacy policy will be available through our website. If the privacy policy for TrailMapps mobile applications is updated, any changes relevant to the usage of any of TrailMapps’ apps will accompany an update to said apps and would only apply once the update is installed. The updated privacy policy will be available for review before initiating app updates.

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