The following is a list of other apps that I had published over the years. Some performed exceedingly well, while others, surprisingly, never caught on.
TrailMapps: Whistler App
TrailMapps: Sunshine Coast SUNSHINE COAST, BC - and

The Sunshine Coast app had always performed quite well. For anyone visiting the area, just finding the trails, let alone navigating them, can be incredibly daunting. There are pockets of trails all over the 80 kilometre stretch of Highway 101 between Langdale and Earls Cove ferry terminals.

My partner for the area, Becky Wayte, had collected for all of the trails and created a full of maps and descriptions. The app never would've existed without her. Our work together led to multiple signs, a retail map (out of print), and even a custom map for the Sechelt RCMP detachment.

Whitehorse Recreational Trail Guide WHITEHORSE, YK - and

When Paul Gowdie of contacted me to help publish an app based on his existing retail map, I had no real expectations regarding how well it might do. I loved his product though and this would be the first TrailMapps app covering an area outside of British Columbia, so I was very excited about the opportunity. As a bonus, the Whitehorse app was very well received by locals and visitors alike.

TrailMapps: Cumberland CUMBERLAND, BC - and

The United Riders of Cumberland are my partners for this area. They still appear to be using the original map that I created for the app as a base for signage and their retail map. They did provide me with some updated information pre-pandemic, which was nice. Otherwise, most updates occur when creating course maps for BC Bike Race. This is an app that I would say underperforms given the popularity of the area for riding.

Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association BRAGG CREEK, AB - and

The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association is a passionate, well-organized group and they brought their own map to the project! It's a nice map that does a great job of showing all of the trails and their multiple uses across all seasons. That's no small task! Despite the quality of the map, the information included in the app, and the group's efforts to promote the product, this app only ever performed moderately, at best.

TrailMapps: Hornby Island HORNBY ISLAND, BC - and

In spite of this app's utterly poor performance, I had an absolute blast putting it together. Years ago, I happened to be vactioning there for two weeks, so I took the opportunity to map every single trail on the island. I managed to have a map and a beta of the app running before returning home.

Hornby Island is an amazing place for reasons beyond its impressive trail network. I can't wait to get back to its white sand beaches, rugged coastline full of tidal pools to explore, and the beautiful Helliwell Provincial Park.

North Okanagan Cycling Society VERNON, BC -

I had high hopes for this app. There is a ton of trail information across a few detailed maps for the area, including a map of SilverStar Mountain Resort.

Whether it was poor sales that discouraged updates from the group, or a lack of updates that caused poor sales, this app never realized its full potential.

Revelstoke Cycling Association REVELSTOKE, BC -

Almost identical to the NOCS app, the Revelstoke app had a lot of potential, but never went anywhere. The Revelstoke Cycling Association has even rebranded since this app was last updated. SOUTH OKANAGAN, BC -

No other TrailMapps app has as many large scale maps contained within it, as this app. I really thought this app would be very popular given all of the areas it covered, but it was not to be. Based on Andrew Drouin's web resource for the trails of the South Okanagan, it contains a wealth of information that would been a valuable asset to anyone wanting to get out and explore the region.

TrailMapps: Williams Lake WILLIAMS LAKE, BC - and

I really enjoyed working on this project with Ivor McMahen. Though I believe we put together a complete product, apparently no one needs it! This app just does not sell.

TrailMapps: Queenstown QUEENSTOWN, NZ -

Well, I guess someone has to be at the bottom. Despite the sincere assurances of others that this app would perform as well, if not better, than the heavy-hitting Squamish app, this product ended up being a complete dud. I don't mean to say that it's just the lowest grossing app in the catalog, I mean I will never be able to justify my time spent on it. Thank goodness I didn't do any of the mapping/cartography for this one.

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